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"I have worked with Kelly since June of 2015. We started organizing my office, which was piled high with collectibles, paperwork, and miscellaneous items. She has done an amazing job and even cleaned as she went. She was always on time and stayed on track while she was here. My 3 dogs did not bother her while she worked either, About a month after she started (working a few hours each week), I hired her on to do my regular weekly cleaning as well. She has since hired a team to help with her cleaning jobs and I have always had great service. We have been working together ,cleaning and organizing for almost 5 months now, and I am very pleased. She is very pleasant, polite, and caring and I feel she is well worth her rate."

Bob G.

Chambersburg, PA

"I used to be a neat freak but since I started working more than 60 hours a week I definitely needed some help and I have to say I love my new clean house now! Having 3 cats and a child, our house gets pretty grungy. Jennifer did a great job, it would have taken me three days to accomplish what she did. She even organized my pantry and I can actually find my food now haha. Can't wait till our next cleaning! Thanks Jennifer!"

Lauren H.

Hagerstown, MD

"Thank you, Kelly, so much! I have much less stress now having the spaces you organized under control. You were ALWAYS very pleasant and had a professional appearance and always prompt in time. I enjoyed having you here and will definitely keep you in mind for future projects. Oh... I walk into my attic just to look at how beautiful it is now!"

Mary H.

Carlisle, PA

"Kelly is awesome. She is helping me to make my house look great. Hiring her is the best thing I've done in a long time."

Lisa M.

Eldersburg, MD

"Oh my gosh, you are truely a Godsend!!!! And I mean that! Everyone is in shock, we actually have a basement! I'd love to have you come again sometime! I swear the rest of the house isn't like the basement!!! Thanks so much!"

Catherine W.

McConnellsburg, PA

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 I have always had a passion for organizing bringing order to chaos. As a child, when I would visit friends, I would often end up picking up and organizing  their rooms or playrooms. At my first job, I was a cashier at Walmart and nothing brought me more satisfaction than seeing how well I could pack the items into the bags, and how neatly I could get it all to fit in the cart. At the time, I didn't realize I could have a career utilizing that exact skill set.


When I began studying Interior Decorating in college, I started hearing about Professional Organizers and knew it would be a perfect fit for me. I began dreaming and making plans to have my own professional organizing business. In the years following graduation, I worked under two different organizers to learn the ins and outs of the business, and I’m thrilled to now be the owner of Finally Free Organizing, LLC.


I have a strong desire to help people and give them the tools they need to be successful, gain confidence, and achieve freedom from the confinement of clutter.

- Katie Berger

Our Organizing Team has years of experience, working in many different situations that allow us to be able to overcome any chaotic environment. We gently introduce organizational principles that help guide our clients to achieve their ultimate goal.

*Fully Insured & Bonded*



Too many of today's youth struggle with living in disorganized homes and lifestyles. Structure and security inherently provide  children the ability to lead successful lives, a proven concept. By improving their environment at no cost to them, and exposing these children to the many benefits of living without clutter, we can dramatically increase their quality of life and future success. Using resources and funds derived from our community through fundraising, we hope to conquer the fight against disorganized living and provide an opportunity for our youth to thrive. Help contribute to this cause by opting to round up your bill, or simply add your donation to your shopping cart! Your support will help change the lives of deserving families in your community!



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Katie Berger


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